Intro to “Starting a Podcast”

I have been working on a podcast for a month now and I’ve realized that it’s not that easy to get one up and running! I will be telling you about the process as I go along. I should note that I use Mac and mostly Apple products on the computer and tablet side. Even though most everything is made for both platforms now, there are some things that are not. I have several different WordPress sites going where I am testing the best theme for my podcast and that seems to be the most challenging part. There are a ton of themes for everything BUT podcasting and the ones you do find, usually are not the greatest design. I have tried the drag and drop builders and there are some definite pros and cons to those, which I will discuss in another post. At this point, I am leaning towards a straightforward design, where simplicity and design are dominant. Trust me, the more you get into this, the more you will discover how much work you have to do to get it going, and the more you want something simple. My biggest challenge seems to be finding a great audio player, and one that you can actually stick inside the post with the proper information included. Most of the audio players are built for playlists and personal music. Honestly, someone could make a killing if they devote themselves to WordPress themes for Podcasters! Regardless, my posts here will be discussing all the different aspects of creating a podcast for the first time. I am also going to talk about gear and the great new options for recording long-distance interviews that have recently become available. Stay tuned.

Music Think Tank

This is a great site for musicians and anything related to the music industry. The articles are submitted by users of the site and anyone can submit one. I find the articles to be really informative and knowledgeable. Obviously, there is some sort of standard for an article, keeping the bad stuff out of the mix. This is a feed of the newer posts that updates every 12 hours.

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